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Microsoft offers Final Project
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A great oppurtunity...!

Hello everybody,


Convey This Message to every one



For those among you who are interested in doing your

final year project with Microsoft, you are in luck.


Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Student Project

program for all the students interested in doing their

final year projects (engineering/MCA/MSc Software)

with Microsoft.


There are absolutely no costs/charges of any kind. The

last date for signing up is September 15th (and not

August 30th as mentioned on the site and other



Here's what you need to do



1. Form a team. Everyone needs to be from the same

   college. Maximum of 5 members and a minimum of 1

   member .


2. Head to


3. Pick one of the existing topics on the site (or)

   submit your own topic. There are absolutely no

   restrictions on project ideas. For example, if you

   want to do a  project on robotics or embedded

   systems ,you could use Windows CE and play with the

   source code.


4. Sign up!






Here are some of the benefits you get



1. Certificate from Microsoft when you finish your



2. You'll automatically be entered into a student

   Project exhibition at the end of the year. Here's

   you'll compete with students with all over the

   country. There are several prizes on store with the

   prize money running into 6 digits


3. The best projects will automatically be entered

   into the Imagine Cup 2005




Here are some of the goodies you'll get



1. CD of Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition


2. Microsoft Press book


3. Academic resource kit



                                       Make use of it....




All the Best

We Welocme to Join Our MIET Engineer Alumni Group at