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 Welcome to the MIET ENGINEER , Alumni Site of  MIET Engineering College , Trichy .
MIETENGINEER is an interacting hub developed and maintained by the engineering brains of M.I.E.T ENGINEERING COLLEGE,TRICHY.
This site was build to bring together all the students of M.I.E.T ENGINEERING COLLEGE.

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Puzzle of the Week

Substitute digits for the letters to make the following relation true.

                  W O R L D
               +  T R A D E
                  C E N T E R

Note that the leftmost letter can't be zero in any word. Also, there must be a one-to-one mapping between digits and letters. e.g. if you substitute 3 for the letter W, no other letter can be 3 and all other W in the puzzle must be 3.

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Last Week Puzzle and Answer

What can run but never walks,
Has a mouth but never talks,
Has a head but never weeps,
Has a bed but never sleeps?

Answer  :  River

No. Of Responses : 12       Correct Answers : 0


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